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Documentation, Tutorials, Tools, Utilities and Help Files for various programming languages.

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Computer Hope - Free Computer Help
Free online computer support and computer related information for any type of hardware, software, or operating system.
(Rating: 9.99) Embedded System, DSP, Parallel Port
The online resource for Embedded System, Digital Signal Processing and Parallel Port Interfacing.
(Rating: 5.50)

DOS/32 Advanced DOS Extender
DOS/32A is a free, open-source DOS Extender which can be used as a replacement for the popular DOS/4GW DOS Extender and compatibles.
(Rating: 0.00)

OSR OnLine: Windows Driver Development
OSR OnLine: Everything related to writing, testing, and maintaining Windows Driver Development.
(Rating: 0.00) Win32 Assembler, PHP, JavaScript and QuickBasic
An interesting German site for programmers with useful information, links, source code and more.
(Rating: 7.50)

Free Basic Script Language (FBSL)
Free Basic Script Language (FBSL) has its flavours from the inspiration of VB, QB, PHP, Pascal and C++.
(Rating: 9.00)

Help File Authoring Tool - HelpMaker
Create help files without an expensive word-processor, without having to manage multiple files with HelpMaker.
(Rating: 0.00)

Paul Hsieh's Technical Site
Paul Hsieh's Technical Site with great programming articles, resources, links and examples.
(Rating: 0.00)

Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN)
Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) - Anything you will ever need to develop under Windows.
(Rating: 0.00)

InformIT, content and knowledge from the tech community
The source for reliable and qualified content and knowledge, providing access to the leading brands, authors, and contributors from the tech community.
(Rating: 0.00)

Technical Notes of Yuri Plakosh
Technical notes about technologies and tools for programming. Description of common and specific issues and ways to solve them
(Rating: 0.00)

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