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Free large file edit control, HiEdit
The ultra fast, large file edit control consuming very little memory for programmers.
(Rating: 9.99)

AniGIF: Simple and Animated Gif's
AniGIF is a custom control that supports both simple and animated Gif's.
(Rating: 9.99)

Computer Hope - Free Computer Help
Free online computer support and computer related information for any type of hardware, software, or operating system.
(Rating: 9.99)

Learning Computer Programming
A programming blog for C++ beginners with articles, tips, tricks, techniques and algorithms.
(Rating: 9.99)

JavaScript Tutorials and Scripts
A very well presented series of JavaScript tutorials and sample scripts, introduction to DHTML and manipulating CSS element properties.
(Rating: 9.99)

Pelles C Free Windows Development Kit
Free C compiler, linker, resource compiler, message compiler, make utility and install builders for both Windows and Pocket PC from Pelle.
(Rating: 9.75)

ObjAsm32, OOP for (MASM) assembler
ObjAsm, knowledge and source code to use an OOP approach in your (MASM) assembler projects.
(Rating: 9.69)

The assembly programming forum
The x86 assembly community forum and official forum of the WinAsm Studio IDE and HiEditor.
(Rating: 9.66)

Large File Editor, HiEditor
Large File Editor, HiEditor is the ultra fast editor for large files with syntax hilight.
(Rating: 9.50)

The PHP scripting language
PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML.
(Rating: 9.50)

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