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Systems Analysis and Design
Systems Analysis and Design offers Introductory tutorial for software engineering explained with case studies
(Rating: 0.00)

Visual Basic Tutorial
Learn Visual Basic with the help of free tutorials with examples and source code.
(Rating: 0.00)

Happy Codings - Programming Sample Code Source Code Examples
Programming Resources & Code Examples for visual basic, java, php, asp, c, c++, assembly
(Rating: 9.00)

Technical Notes of Yuri Plakosh
Technical notes about technologies and tools for programming. Description of common and specific issues and ways to solve them
(Rating: 0.00)
The X86 Opcode and Instruction Reference is intended to be precise opcode and instruction set reference (including x86-64).
(Rating: 8.33)
A site dedicated to investigation of Intel x86 architecture. Has articles and messageboard. English and Czech.
(Rating: 5.50)

Free Basic Script Language (FBSL)
Free Basic Script Language (FBSL) has its flavours from the inspiration of VB, QB, PHP, Pascal and C++.
(Rating: 9.00)

HTML tutorials and online webmaster tools by HTML Basix
HTML Basix contains webmaster tools for the beginner through to the advanced webmaster looking for a snippet of HTML code to place in their page.
(Rating: 7.50)

Assembly Forum at DaniWeb
Assembly Community and Forum - x86 Assembly, MIPS Assembly, and other forms of machine language at DaniWeb.
(Rating: 7.00)

ASM Community Messageboard
The ASM Community Messageboard is probably the oldest message board for the Assembly Language programmers working under the Windows Operating Systems.
(Rating: 8.00)

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