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Programming Tools » Details of Pelles C Free Windows Development Kit

 Free C compiler, linker, resource compiler, message compiler, make utility and install builders for both Windows and Pocket PC from Pelle.

Link Title: Pelles C Free Windows Development Kit
Link Description: In addition, it contains an IDE with project management, debugger, source code editor and visual resource editors.

Some of its Features:
-Integrated resource editor with bitmap, icon, cursor, animated cursor and video editor.
-Integrated hex-dump editor.
-Integrated source-level debugger.
-Integrated source code editor with Win32 API call tips.
-Project management.
-Inline assembler with Intel syntax.
-Support for custom controls in the dialog editor.
-Support for additional project wizards.
-Support for Microsoft's exception handling.
-Support for Microsoft's new import libraries.
-Support for delayed loading of DLL's.
-Support for most C99 features.
-Support for Pocket PC.

Date Added: 28.03.2007

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