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 PHP & MySQL tutorials, easily follow this turorails to build dynamic web pages using PHP and MySQL.

Link Title: PHP & MySQL tutorials
Link Description: Installing Apache PHP and MySQL: In case you haven't installed the trio yet don't skip this section. This page explains about installing Apache, PHP and MySQL on Windows plus some images to make things clearer. It also covers modifying Apache configuration and PHP configuration so the two can work together.

PHP Tutorial: Give you enough to get started. First, you will learn how to open and close PHP blocks, continued with using comments, a brief explanation about PHP variables and types. Then you'll learn about manipulating strings, control structures, functions and how to use web forms.

MySQL Tutorial: You will learn about starting MySQL, adding new MySQL user, creating a database and tables. Then you'll learn about the SQL queries to insert data,get the data, update and delete.

Connecting to MySQL database: This is where you start to put PHP and MySQL together. This page explains how to open and close MySQL connection with PHP.

Creating a MySQL database: Obviously you will need to create your database first. This part explains how to create MySQL database and table through PHP.

Insert Data To MySQL Database: After you have the database and tables ready it's time to learn how to insert your data into the database.

Getting The Data: Once you have the data stored in the database surely you want to get it back. This page explains how to get your data out of MySQL plus how to convert your query result into Excel format.

Using Paging: This one explains how to show your query result into multiple pages and how to create the navigation link. Also show the problem that might happen when using paging and the solution.

Update and Delete: Explains how to update and delete your data and how to use table locking to prevent violation of data integrity.

Using PHP To Backup MySQL Database In this page you can learn three different ways to backup your MySQL database.

Form Validation: This one explains how to validate HTML form on server side using PHP plus client side form validation using Javascript to make your form more user friendly.

Creating a Guestbook: Guestbook is one of the most common feature for a website and this tutorial will teach you how to create your own guestbook using PHP and MySQL. It also explain how to use PHP functions to prevent code injection and the use of paging.

Uploading Files to MySQL: This page describe how to upload a file to MySQL database and how to download it back.

Creating a Content Management System (CMS): Content Management System is getting more and more popular by the day. This tutorial explains how to create a simple CMS, how to add, modify and delete content using web form.

User Authentication: This part explain three methods of authenticating a user. The first is hardcoding the user info in the script itself. The second one check for the user id and password in database. The third one add an random number verification.

Image Gallery: Just another tutorial on making an image gallery.

Date Added: 05.02.2008

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